Fabrice Leroux in Metz

20 novembre 2019

On our way back from a road-trip to the Netherlands we have made a little detour to visit the exhibition « Construction / Disparition » of Fabrice Leroux in la Maison de l’Architecture de Lorraine, a nice little gallery in the city of Metz. We know Fabrice as part of the duo A.I.L.O (together with […]

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Kiefer meets Le Corbusier

13 octobre 2019

The exhibition of work of the German painter Anselm Kiefer in the abbey of Couvent de la Tourette by Le Corbusier is one of the sideshows of the biennale de Lyon. And as the monumental building alone is sufficient reason for the trip, a good opportunity to inform ourselfs about his current works. Kiefer’s work […]

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Biennale Lyon in the macLYON: Could Be Worse

12 octobre 2019

The words on the t-shirt by Steve Powers – as sold in the swag shop of the macLYON – summarises the presented works in this location too well! For starters the two complete top floors were filled with mountain-country style wood-carved statues (yes nice craftmanship but then again) divided by black funeral house style curtains. Yes two complete floors!! […]

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Trouble Fête, Avignon 2019

11 octobre 2019

Trouble Fête is an exhibition by Macha Makeïef in the Maison Jean Vilar in Avignon in which you really submerge in a fascinating different world. In this poetic world, you stroll from one room into another, all on the theme of the adventures of Lewis Caroll and Alice. The whole exhibit is one big installation […]

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Parcours d’Art, Avignon 2019

11 octobre 2019

Parcours de l’Art is a yearly art fair that takes place in more than ten different locations in the French village Avignon. We had the impression that the Parcours de l’Art was mainly about digital arts, but no. In fact – in contrast with the two biennales we visited this year (Venice and Lyon) – we found that in […]

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Biennale Lyon in the Usines Fagor : the battle between building and art

9 octobre 2019

It has to be said: the new location of the Biennale Lyon is a fascinating environment with lots and lots of character. It is a former factory with immense halls with all of the emblems of the former function still in place.  The floor is covered with lines, numbers and traces who are reminders of […]

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Ivrea, een geest uit het verleden

28 septembre 2019

Le Corbusier noemde het « de mooiste straat ter wereld » en ja, als je goed kunt waarnemen begrijp je waarom hij dat vond. Het gaat hier over de Via Jervis in de vervallen Italiaanse industriestad Ivrea. Het was hier dat Camillo Olivetti zijn later wereldberoemde typemachinefabriek stichtte. Camillo werd in de dertiger jaren  opgevolgd door zijn […]

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Biennale Venice 2019

27 septembre 2019

The problem with two-yearly mega art exhibitions like Venice is that you know too well what to expect, which is exactly why shows like this are so seductive. It is crowded, there are lots of pavilions showing embarrassing stuff but at the same time also beautiful artworks left and right and a notion what the […]

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LustWarande Tilburg : From nowhere to nothing and back.

25 juillet 2019

The Lustwarande Tilburg used to be a magical mystery tour through a park full of (art) surprises but not so this time. The 10th edition is just a great disappointment. It is hard to tell when things went off-rail but it is clear the organizers lost their touch and we are left with suboptimal art […]

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Een afscheid met Luc Tuymans in de Pont

23 juillet 2019

Directeur Driessen van museum De Pont in Tilburg is met pensioen.  Het museum waaraan hij sinds de oprichting in 1992 verbonden is geweest krijgt een nieuwe baas.  En omdat De Pont ooit de eerste tentoonstelling in Nederland van het werk van Luc Tuymans organiseerde vult zijn werk ook Driessens laatste expositie onder naam The Return. […]

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