René Moreu in Château de Ratilly

In Chateau de Ratilly, the annual summer exhibition of 2020 was devoted to the work by René Moreu. Moreu’s career is remarkable, given the fact that he contracted a retinal disease at the age of 23. Only at the age of 33, after partial healing of his eye-sight, he started a career as a painter and illustrator.
Nature plays an important role in his free work. And although he remained visually impaired, you can find remarkable subtle color differences in his work. The work in general is somewhat design-like with Art Brut influences, and is further characterized by the lack of depth / layering.
In addition to his artistry, he was active as an editor of the magazine Vaillant and as an illustrator of many children’s books. René Moreu passed away in May this year at the age of 99.
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